About us

Since the establishment of ArmOrgGas in 1976 its goal has been the safety of residents, our employees, and employees of our client organizations. Our objectives are the rational and safe use of gas, provision of correct gas consumption records, quantitative and qualitative analyses of natural and liquid gas.

ArmOrgGas closely cooperates with the Republic of Armenia (RA) Energy Ministry, RA State Standardization and Certification Administration, “GasPromArmenia” JSC, local gas-consuming organizations, as well as a number of foreign organizations, including Gaz de France, Schlumberger – France, Itron (Actaris), Rombach – Germany, RGG/Hagler Baily INNC – USA, Worldex – USA, Prema Gaz, Elster-Germany.

  • On November 11, 1976, according to Decision No. 721 of the Armenia SSR Ministers Council, ArmOrgGas Administration was founded in Yerevan as a part of the State Gas Committee system
  • In 1983 experimental contract teams were formed
  • Starting from 1987 the enterprise contracted teams to engage in montage and inspection activities
  • Starting from 1990 the enterprise engaged the teams on permanent bases 
  • In 1993 ArmOrgGas merged with RA Energy Ministry as a specialized experimental enterprise
  • In 1994 the enterprise was registered in the State Register of the Republic of Armenia as ArmOrgGas Closed Joint Stock Company
  • In 1996 the ArmOrgGas was privatized through redemption of shares by the employees
  • In 1997 the enterprise was renamed to the ArmOrgGas Specialized Enterprise – Close Joint Stock Company. 

The distinguished team at ArmOrgGas has been instrumental to gas-consuming organizations and enterprises as well as to the whole system of gas distribution in the Republic of Armenia since 1976.